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Squirrels are cute looking animals, with long bushy tails, tiny prickly ears, and short hands that they use for holding nuts or grass. But they are also a pest, and a dangerous one. They cause a lot of damage and can give you many diseases. So, if you see squirrels nesting in a tree in your yard or running over your roof, call a good squirrel removal service right now.

Like all rodents, squirrels tend to cause a lot of damage to property. In fact, because they infest both indoors in your house and outdoors in the trees in your yard, they can cause twice the headache.

The Pest of Squirrels

Squirrels are of many types that are spread across the North American continent, and are found in many other parts of the world as well. They feed on nuts, grasses, flowers, etc. When the infestation grows to large numbers, they can even ruin the look of your lawn. Not only will they ruin the flowerbed, they will gnaw at tree trunks and make holes for nesting.

As winter arrives, squirrel removal becomes necessary because the pests try and move to a warmer nesting place. They are small creatures and seek protection from the elements. To get into your attic, they will try and eat away the corner to make holes for access.

Once inside, they can eat away the insulation and boards to build their nests, opening airways in doing so and entrances for dirt to come in and settle in your attic with them. They chew away at the wires, which can cause issues with your electricity.

If that wasn’t all, squirrels carry rabies. If you see a confused looking or a manic squirrel, it usually means it’s rabid. Stay away.



Call a Squirrel Exterminator

If you think they’re in the house or their number in the yard is growing, call an exterminator.

Those are sure signs that you need squirrel removal help.

While they can be removed using traps, it is always better to call an expert. Experts can spot the signs to know how big the infestation is, something you might miss if you take charge of removing the pest yourself. Also, since there’s always a chance that a squirrel might be carrying rabies, you shouldn’t try to touch them yourselves and call a squirrel exterminator.


What would be the Cost of Squirrel Removal?

The cost of an animal extermination isn’t set. Infestations can take many forms and could be very simple to handle to very difficult. You can call your service provider and perhaps ask for the cost of squirrel removal from your premises by giving them some details about the infestation.

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